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PostSubject: Application Box   Application Box EmptySun 21 May - 21:28

To fill out an application, copy everything below (including this paragraph) and paste it into a new topic in this forum. Title it “Application” without the “”. Leave the font size and color as default. Please try not to use too many emoticons. Do your application in Word so that you can save it along the way, and spell check it. You wouldn’t apply to work as a Realtor with a spelling error filled application. So don’t do the same to us. This is a job. We try to be professional, so please show you respect that in your application. At the end of your application, please put “Gimme a squiggly~” without the “”. That way we know you have read these guidelines. Take your time, and please try your best! Don’t ask for us to look at your application, as it gets annoying and we will eventually just delete your application. Good luck!

Your Furcadia character’s Name:

Your Furcadia character's gender:

Your Furcadia character's age:

Your IRL gender:

Your IRL age:

Your IRL Grade:

General Report Card Grades:

Time Zone:

Methods of Contact:

Short Answer
Do you work anywhere else?

Do you own a dream of your own, which?

What sort of dreams have you worked at in the past?:

Do you patch?:

Do you draw portraits?:

Do you dreamweave?:

Do you DS well?:

Do you do bots?:

Are you a beekin?:

If you could be any beekin, which would you be and why?:

Have you ever donated something to the dream? (Roses, digos, dragonspeak , patches, dragonscales, ect.):

If you patch, would you maybe contribute some items to the dream?:

Do you Role Play?:

Are you set up with Postmaster?:

What's your favorite dream?:

Where do you spend most of your time?:

How long are you normally online during the weekends per day aprox?:

How long are you normally online during the weekdays per day aprox?:

What times (FST) are you generally online?:

Do you go to a Furcadian School?:

Do you have a Furcadian family?:

Do you have any friends on staff?:

What do you do in your spare time?:

Who are your closest friends?:

Are you involved in after-school activities, or sports? What time (FST) do they run from, and on what days?:

Is there someone who could recommend you to be staff? Who?:

Short Essay
If you were asked a question that you couldn't or didn't know how to answer, what would you say?:

If you were the only staff member in the dream, or the only active one and you didn’t know how to answer a question, what would you do?:

If you were the only staff member in the dream, or the only active one and you were getting bored with sitting at the desk what would you do?:

What do you know about our staff?:

How would you treat fellow staff members?:

How would you treat the dream owners?:

How would you treat the customers?:

Why do you want to be staff here?:

In your opinion, what does staff really do here?:

What is the most important trait of a staff member?:

What are things staff aren’t supposed to do?:

What do you think is the most important thing we do as staff members?:

If someone has never been here before, and they don’t know about a build a home, tell us about how you would explain to them about it, and help them get started. At least 100 words. Also, what if no houses we for sale at the time you were explaining?:

What makes you right for this job?:

What would you do when a staff argument occurs?:

If you disagree with another staff members decision, what would you do?:

What is a difficult situation you have been in? How did you handle it?:

While sitting behind the desk you notice another active staff member is ignoring other furres. What do you do?:

While sitting behind the desk you notice another active staff member is giving out wrong information about something that they think is right. What do you do?:

You notice a staff member is not acting how they should. They are abusing their share, and breaking several of the staff rules. What would you do? What would you do if they refused to listen?:

You see several spammers enter the dream. They are all spamming the roads, items room, and garden area. There are to many to continue ejecting. There are a few other staff members trying to eject them, but they are to numerous. What would you do?:
A rogue staff is acting up again. They’re ejecting, emitting, and destroying the dreams. The rogue staff is unknown, and none of the owners are online. What would you do to try to control the guests and the rogue staff? Would there be a possible way for you to try to find out who it was?:

"Remember, working at MH is a privlege. Not a right. If you are denied a job or fired, please remember this. Thank you."
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Application Box
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