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 My .. Crappy alts.

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My .. Crappy alts. Empty
PostSubject: My .. Crappy alts.   My .. Crappy alts. EmptyWed 7 Jun - 4:36

Go here. -> http://alts.designrave.com/index.php?page=alts&user=394&m=o

I'll accept just about anything. If you want a NFT alt, you can still offer, but I do warn, the price will be EXTREMLY high for some (ex- Shannon, Kru, Wonka, Brand.)

I'm looking for Triwings, Batwings.. Portrait spaces, dragonscales, and Gaia stuff.. If that gives anyone an idea.
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My .. Crappy alts. Empty
PostSubject: Re: My .. Crappy alts.   My .. Crappy alts. EmptyWed 8 Nov - 1:20

I want Jayme. I have the alts Graphical and Ziploc.
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My .. Crappy alts.
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