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 Darkness In The Hall Book #2

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Darkness In The Hall Book #2 Empty
PostSubject: Darkness In The Hall Book #2   Darkness In The Hall Book #2 EmptyMon 19 Jun - 22:18

Chapter One: The Key

You open a book called Darkness In The Hall, you see a key in the middle of the book you wonder and then you take the key, you get sucked up into the book, your thinking "This is bad".

Falling for about 30 minutes now you finally reach the bottom you deside to look around. You find a girl. You ask for her help.... This is where it all begins....

Groups: Monsters
Good Guys
Other (Name what you are in the other)

Names: The Boy: Ryan
The Girl He Meets: Trisha

Age: Ryan: 14
Trisha: 14

Anyone make up the rest (Email me at Gillotine360@Yahoo.com if you would like to read Book #1 The forrbiden room
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Darkness In The Hall Book #2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Darkness In The Hall Book #2   Darkness In The Hall Book #2 EmptyWed 20 Sep - 0:55

this looks good.
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Darkness In The Hall Book #2
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