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 Feral Ports up for grabs

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Feral Ports up for grabs Empty
PostSubject: Feral Ports up for grabs   Feral Ports up for grabs EmptySun 9 Jul - 3:41

I'm a new feral port artist. I normaly stick to the wolf ports. But I have done anthro, cats, birds, and mystic animals. But the ones that I'm selling at this point are https://2img.net/h/oi6.tinypic.com/1zcjmeq.gif . Yes weird and crazy ones. Just to look at the cuter!

I will take in only 2 port commisions as I'm really busy at this point.

I'll take anything besides: Bots, DS, Dreams, and alts.
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Feral Ports up for grabs
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