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 Roo's alts

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Roo's alts Empty
PostSubject: Roo's alts   Roo's alts EmptyWed 19 Jul - 23:11

I have a few alt's that I dun give a crap about and now they're up for sale.
Whisper me or leave a message on here if your intrested.
There is:
~Chamillionare <-- Yes, I know.. v.v It was given to me. ._.
~Twisted Thoughts <--Dun ask.. :P
~Pozz <-- Yeah..
~Clew <-- :o

Taking anything. If it's an alt, it depends on the name.
You can whisper me on Furcadia. Tha name is: Kagaromaroo0 :B
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Roo's alts
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