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 Alts for sale! =o

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Alts for sale! =o Empty
PostSubject: Alts for sale! =o   Alts for sale! =o EmptyFri 11 Aug - 21:59

Heres the list:

Syntax Error- Calculator term >.>
Spontaneous (Now open)- Spontaneous Combustion!
Hopso Lopso- Kinda Catchy Neutral
Legumelicious- Legume is another word for nut >.<
Ecannia- Random
Golden Pharaoh- Egypt! farao
A Bloody Murder- Idea from MMI
xXAppaloosaXx- Type of horse
Dangeous- Meh sister's new imaginary friend Very Happy
Little Miss Songbird- Songbird's are nice x)
Bad Idea- My favorite song xD

More might be added in the future.

Post offers here
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Alts for sale! =o
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