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 Hell Gates

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PostSubject: Hell Gates   Hell Gates EmptySun 29 Oct - 15:01

This an Rp of a book I am writing. Hell gates is about monsters such as Demons, vampires, zombies, etc.. Well, what you do is pick what you will be (as mentioned earlier) then rp. The Rp starts in a mountain east of the village Hellstrome.
If you want you can be a Monster killer, who is a swordsman. He fights monsters and he starts his Rp in the village Hellstrome. Okay. YOu know what this is about. (Killing monsters, taking over towns.) and if you would like you may make up new towns as you go along.


Roaran wakes up on a sack of loose, wet, moldy hay. He reaches to get his sword barely bigger than a large knife. He notes to himself that training will be harder today as the rain last night destroyed most straw huts and gave the monsters a place to attack. He looks up at the morning sky and sees pink clouds drift by. He begins to walk around the village. Farmers had gotten an early start on there feilds and all the shop owners were just opening up there stores. He yawns. Thats when he lets to much weight on one side of him and he falls over into a pig sty. Ewww, he mumbles to himself but is too tired to get up from the sty.
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Hell Gates
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