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 Medevil arena

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PostSubject: Medevil arena   Medevil arena EmptyThu 25 May - 7:05


Your allowed as many characters but only one at a time.

You can be a bow man, knight, mage or samuri.

You cannot kill unless the other person says so.


You wake up in a holding cell, the last thing you remeber is blacking out you belive to be in an prison but as you look around seeing knights from all kingdoms being held in the cell you instanly being to panic.

The arena is make out of steel al the way around along the walls is every weapon knowen to man. there are bones dents and blood everywhere in this large mood you can hear the booming of the crowd above wanting a good show.
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PostSubject: Re: Medevil arena   Medevil arena EmptyThu 25 May - 7:19

OOC : You know, that's kind of like Oblivion, only being in the arena is optional in that game ;o
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PostSubject: Re: Medevil arena   Medevil arena EmptyThu 25 May - 14:42

[I'm bored at school so sure I'll post. This is furry right?]

Reno groaned, he couldn't believe his luck. He was naught but a simple theif (of other kinds) a few hours before but now he had to choose between death or glory Living is better than anything else.... He'd lift himself up off the floor with his sword only to slump against the bars of the cell he was placed in.
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PostSubject: Re: Medevil arena   Medevil arena EmptySun 29 Oct - 14:53

[I think posting might be fun. Ive been trying to get involved in a fun Roleplay.]


Roraran wakes up and fins himself hanging off a small prison bed. He qucikly gets up and looks at his suroundings. He notices a small crack in the wall. I have no desire to fight. That means my main priority is getting out of here. He notices if he shot a arrow into the crack he could get it to open more. He searches for his bow but it naught to be found anywhere. His eyes catch the glint of a brand new silver bow. It is too far out of the cell for him to reach. His only chance of survival is to wait and see what happens next.
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Medevil arena
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