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 Rox Rp

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Dark Raptor
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Dark Raptor

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PostSubject: Rox Rp   Rox Rp EmptyThu 25 May - 14:49

[It may not be my place to start a rox rp but I've been chasing them about for a while.... Species allowed: Wolves, dragons, foxes, bunnies and Roxes of course. Hob knows which dream I'm basing this off of, thats if she forgot about it after her hardrive crashed.]

Dark Raptor had been perched on a cliff watching the lake below where all sorts of creature amassed at. His draconic nature was one to be frightened of. His black scales mixed with shades of dark purple smoke, as his orange eyes pierced the landscaping. He wasn't in any mood for a feast, he'd eaten a wolf just the other day, for now, he was sunbathing quite contently.
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Rox Rp
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