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 The four Dragon clans

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The four Dragon clans Empty
PostSubject: The four Dragon clans   The four Dragon clans EmptySat 11 Nov - 11:00

There were four dragon clans: Lavaclan, Dewclan, Cloudclan and Iceclan. Swiftspirit was leader of Iceclan, which she thought was the nobelest of all the clans. Swiftspirit was a sleek black dragon, black as midnight with hotpink streaksthrough her wing and her underbelly. She took off for flight as her first day of travel. She fkew to the forests of Tshdenik, her new teritorry. Although all the dragons spoke Draikeish, Swiftspirit learned to speak human so she could communicate easier. She looked down at her new den, settling in and lieing down for a nap.
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The four Dragon clans
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